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Emil Capraru, Herta Capraru
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Silvia Jurcovan
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Edituri   Bounty, 6 titluri
Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are perhaps the most famous and enduring contribution to detective fiction by any single writer. These great writings of Holmes’ deductive genius will enthrall every armchair sleuth and fascinate those readers who simply enjoy and exciting adventure mystery.
Pret: 49,90 RON
Hans Christian Andersen is regarded by many as one of the greatest writers of fairy tales. All his illustrated stories are included in this handsome volume, a facsimile reproduction of a collection that first appeared in 1889. More than a century after they were written, Andersen’s stories retain their freshness, magic and power to amuse; told and retold over the years to generations of delighted listeners, they have become part of our heritage.
Pret: 49,90 RON
Here, all the illustrated works of Lewis Carroll have been brought together in one volume. All the illustrations which appear have been carefully reproduced from the 276 original drawings personally approved by the author over 80 years ago to illustrate his writings.
Pret: 49,90 RON
Mark Twain’s life and work were filled with erraticism. He delighted in digression and association rather than single-mindedness. He had opinions about anything.
Pret: 49,90 RON
This Complete Illustrated works contains almost 200 traditional stories, translated from the great fairy tale collection compiled by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
Pret: 49,90 RON
William Shakespeare’s plays and poems are read and enjoyed by millions of people across the world. This one-volume edition gives the reader the opportunity to appreciate the literary genius that runs through Shakespeare’s 37 plays and 160 sonnets and poems.
Pret: 45,00 RON


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