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Edituri   Grange,Colectia Great Painters, 13 titluri
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Amadeo Modigliani
Jane Rogoyska, Frances Alexander
Modigliani was an artist who found little happiness in his native Italy, but in his adopted land of France he found only sorrow. Out of his unhappiness he created an original and extraordinary body of work, influenced by African art, the Cubist movement and the drunken nights of Montparnasse.

Pret: 75,00 RON
Anthony Van Dyck
Natalia Gritsai
Van Dyck is considered the founder of the English school of portraiture. He was an influence on Lely, Dobson, Kneller, and most notably Reynolds and Gainsborough, as well as French painters of the eighteenth century.

Pret: 75,00 RON
Auguste Renoir
Natalia Brodskaya
The paintings in this book include the early open air scenes along the Seine and in the gardens, as well as nudes and two portraits of the actress Jeanne Samary, one a head-and-shoulders, the other full-length.
Pret: 85,00 RON
Claude Monet
Nina Kalitina
The book is divided into two sections, "The life of Claude Monet" and "His Works".
Pret: 85,00 RON
Egon Schiele
Esther Seldons, Jeanette Zwingerberger
The paintings and text included in this book bring vividly to life the extraordinary talent of this artist who was shot dead at the age of just 28, just as the First World War was coming to an end.
Pret: 75,00 RON
Francisco de Goya
Sarah Carr-Gomm
This monograph presents the essential works of this pioneering artist, today considered the father of modern art.
Pret: 75,00 RON
Gustav Klimt
Jane Rogoyska, Patrick Bade
This book brings together Klimtís finest paintings, together with a text which demonstrates the extraordinary eclecticism of this great artist.
Pret: 75,00 RON
Marc Chagall
Mikhail Guerman, Sylvie Forestier
This is a unique celebration of the early life of the greatest Russian-born painter of the 20th century, Marc Chagall (1887-1985).
Pret: 85,00 RON
Paul Cezanne
Anna Barskaya, Yevgenia Georgievskaya
This book contains more than twenty-five works by the artist, painted at different points in his life.
Pret: 75,00 RON
Vadimir Loewinson-Lessing, Irena Linnik, Youri Kouznetsov, Xenia Egorova
A Rembrandt picture is a live entity existing according to its own laws, reflecting the multitude of thoughts and emotions present in the painterís mind. Man and his state of mind Ė this is the fundamental problem which engages the artist his whole life long.
Pret: 75,00 RON
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