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Cinema Year by Year

de Robyn Karney
Vezi coperta spate  “Impeccably presented and unfailingly informative, this is the Oscar-worthy effort.” – Film Review

Pretul nostru: 195,00 RON   
Editura: Dorling Kindersley
Anul aparitiei: 2003
ISBN: 0-7513-6998-5
Numar de pagini: 1005
Limba: Engleza
Dimensiuni: 24 x 30 cm
De la editor
The cinema is indisputably the art form of the modern age. Ever since Lumiere brothers’ first moving pictures were greeted by astonished gaps in 1895, the movies have exerted a extraordinary and wide-reaching influence over us. The history of the cinema is a record of our rapidly changing world, and the lively, newspaper-style approach of ‘Cinema Year by Year’ brings unprecedented immediacy to this irresistible story.

This absorbing fully up-to-date 2003 edition is crammed with stunning movie stills, studio portraits, “behind-the-screens” photographs and classic posters. It is also packed with key movie events and facts and figures, together with easy-to-use reference pages that pinpoint the movie highlights of each year. Oscar winners are listed for each year, and over 3,000 illustrations bring new life to movie stars and scenes from every age, making this the most entertaining and detailed visual history of cinema ever published. ‘Cinema Year by Year’ includes an in-depth look at the complex, demanding and fascinating work of the movie-makers and the stars. Special features examine different aspects of film history, including The Silent Era, The New Wave, Special Effects and The Rise of the Independent Film.
Ce spun criticii
“Impeccably presented and unfailingly informative, this is the Oscar-worthy effort.” – Film Review

“Film addicts will wallow in the 3,000-plus posters, film stills and star portraits which fill this ostentatiously lavish volume to overflowing.” – The Times

“…a feast of stills from the landmarks and classics of the world film.” – Observer

“…an enormous crash course for the budding cinephile.” – Hotdog
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